Steven Retchless en workshops chez Françoise les 28 et 29 octobre 2016

  • Steven Retchless en workshops chez Françoise les 28 et 29 octobre 2016

Doris Arnold et le studio Françoise vous a fait venir l’un des poleurs les plus atypiques et sexy au monde ! Steven Retchless sera parmi nous les 28 et 29 octobre prochain, réservez vite vos places !


Vendredi 28 octobre 2016

17h15-18h45 : Pole art – 90mn
« Pole from a classically trained dancer’s perspective. Focus on fluidity, musicality, floor work, transitions and partnering with your pole. Basic spins and floor work are broken down and later incorporated into a combo. Passion and Beauty can be found in this class. »

• 19h-20h30 : Pole technique – Niveau inter / avancé – 90mn
« Movement and Trick based class includes full body warm­up, conditioning, detailed breakdown of Pole Moves, ​review and cool­down. »

• 20h45-22h : Floowork – Hooker heels – 75mn
« This approach to floor work incorporates your heels and sex appeal. « Make it Rain » body roles, balances, slides and ass shaking will all be covered in this class Rock Star class. Come prepared to get down with knee pads and leg warmers or anything else that makes you feel slippery. »

Samedi 29 octobre 2016

• 13h30-15h
 : Pole technique – Niveau débutant – 90mn
« Choreography based dance class includes full body warm­up, detailed breakdown of Pole Moves and Routine. »

• 15h-16h30 : Femme pole – Tous niveaux – 90mn

« Signature Retchless Master Class is your classic « stripper style » movement with a music video twist. Fun for all levels this class will have you performing from beginning to end. Sensual, Feline, Sexy, Spins, Dips, Floor Work and more !!! Highly recommended. »

• 17h30-18h45 : Femme funk choreography – Tous niveaux – 75mn
« Choreography based dance class inspired by commercial pop movement in music videos. Class is guaranteed to be sexy, submissive and dominant all at the same time. Hair Splashing and hips gyrating will be covered in step by step choreography. Bring out your inner Beyonce. Heels are not required but expected, bring fashinable clothes to move in. »

Tarifs :
Workshop 90 mn : 55€
Workshop 75 mn : 45€

Attention : aucune annulation ni remboursement n’est possible. Inscriptions en ligne ou auprès de nos hôtesses.

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