Kenneth Kao et Marlo Fisken chez Françoise les 8 et 9 novembre 2016


Fall Tour 2016
Ken et Marlo nous font l’honneur de venir chez Françoise pour 2 journées de workshops et de photoshoot.


Mardi 08/11/2016

Kenneth Kao au studio Françoise

Kenneth Kao

• 18h45-20h15 – Vertical Bar Tricking a.k.a Urban Poling (90m) avec Kenneth Kao
Level 3/4
Description : Do you have a background in Parkour, Gymnastics, Tricking, or Pole? Want to pop flips, flags, and power moves anywhere? This is the workshop for you. Doctor Ken, « Pole Ninja, » is a title winning international competitor recognized for his combination of Parkour and Pole tricks. It is recommended that you can perform a dead hang pull up to get the most out of this workshop.

Tarif : 55€ (attention non annulable ni remboursable)

• 20h30-22h00 – Easy can look hard (90min) avec Kenneth Kao
Level 2
Description : Here’s the thing about Acrobatic Pole. It uses momentum and commitment to make things happen. It’s fancy, and often scary, but the truth is that with the right progressions, many moves become easy and safer than you’d think. Contained within this workshop are the flashy moves made simple. These are the crowd pleasers, the dramatic poses, the wow factors. And the best part? This is the actually the stuff that gives you the time to breathe. This is an intermediate level and up workshop.

Tarif : 55€  (attention non annulable ni remboursable)

Mercredi 09/11/2016


Marlo Fisken au studio Françoise

Marlo Fisken

• 18h45-20h15 – Floor Flow (90min) avec Marlo Fisken
Open Level
Description : Fluidity is the mastery of weight transfer. In this workshop, you will learn Flow Movement combinations that challenge your fluidity, mobility and balance. Marlo will help you connect basic acrobatics with floor work and natural movement as you travel across the room. This workshop is musical, playful, challenging and grounding. Layers are HIGHLY suggested. Please wear pants/leggings, and cover your shoulders with either a tee-shirt or long sleeves.

Tarif : 75€  (attention non annulable ni remboursable)

• 20h30-22h00 – Signature moves (90min) avec Marlo Fisken
Level 3/4
Description : Learn Marlo’s favorite spin and static creations. This workshop includes a variety of spins, climbs, holds, transitions, drops, and unique sequences. Appropriate for intermediate-advanced dancers.

Tarif : 75€  (attention non annulable ni remboursable)

Pour tout complément d’information, contactez-nous.

PHOTOSHOOT mercredi 08/11/2016, toute la journée avec Pole Ninja Photography :

Photoshooting avec Pole Ninja Photography au studio Françoise

Photoshooting avec Pole Ninja Photography en partenariat avec Françoise
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